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Boog the Well Known Legend

tribeKara BuseComment
Boog the Well Known Legend

A little over a month ago, Bryan and I had to bear the unbearable and say goodbye to one of the biggest hearts we have ever known, Boog the well known legend.

Boog finished his work on earth and left Bryan and I behind with the pain that comes with heart break, not that he would inflict such pain by choice, but there it is and it must burn its purifying way to completion. For through this we have grown in compassion and wisdom. What a gift! We have given ourself time to let our grief find expression. To sit quietly and reflect on our 10 years with Boog. We feel so blessed to have shared countless adventures as a pack.  We were lucky enough in this lifetime to experience having a companion that gave and received love unconditionally.  He was there for every single big life experience that shaped and defined us. He was by our side through graduating college, the death of my dad, our I Dos, our move to Austin, our epic night surviving a natural disaster,  births of new family members and traveled with us on every stateside voyage. He was down for anything! 

How special to live and have a heart that feels this love and have it break and mend again. 

We can’t even use words to express what a big role Boog played in our story and neither do these pictures even scratch the surface of all the life moments that he was a part of, nor should they, for this is part of Boog’s legacy to us. Now his soul is free and we will honor him by living as people who are free. 

Morning meditations.

Hiding from the world.

Nature in Austin.

Flew all over the country.

Texas flash floods.

Memorial Day flood in Wimberley.

Buse town rebuild.

Hometown trespassing.

Marfa roadtrips.

Rocky Mountain high.

White Christmas’s.

Santa Fe vacay.

Springs in Texas.

Truck drives.

Howling with the pack.

Home hunting A long standing rival.

Hiking in Ojai, CA

Pease Park walks. Our daily routine.

His favorite tree.

Cozy mornings cuddled in bed.

Motor yachting in Florida.

Falls in Texas.

Found a shark washed up in Port Aransas

Camping all over Texas.

Framily vacations.

Exploring with Pa.

Lake Ninevah, VT.

Sunrise mystic.

Lost and we don’t want to be found.

Our cozy home in the trees.

Blanco River home.

Day one with baby Boog.