The rest is rust & stardust

The rest is rust & stardust

Memorial Day 2015 the Blanco river claimed Pearl, our original heavy Chevy. During a year of life lessons in letting go, we started dreaming of receiving a '72, Costa Rican green, Chevy C10 with round headlights.

I kid you not Memorial Day 2016, exactly a year later, we spotted this classic off Ranch Road 12 and reclaimed her as our own. Meet Guam, our '72, Costa Rican green, Chevy C10 with round headlights. God is quite the trickster.

Life with Guam over the past few years Has been a wild ride. Rolling around in the Texas heat smelling like Dirt and gasoline. It only made me realize just how much i love old things. Even With all its quarks and rattling that Comes with a 45 year old classic, the rest Is rust and stardust. Cruising down South Congress with a bed full of friends, just some hill country hooligans. Pit stops at P. Terry’s for burgers and milk shakes. There was nothing better than a dip in barton springs and driving home in Wet bathing suits with the windows down.

Owning this beast of a truck while living in downtown austin, you would think finding parking would be an issue…Nope! parking angels always provided front row, big enough, wide enough parking spaces every time.

I COULDN'T go anywhere with out Guam, the pick up artist, striking up conversations with people from all walks of life saying things like… “I had this same truck when i was 18!”, “What year?” or “How much you want for it?”

It WASN'T long before Guam became an asset for Wyld Roots. We started booking it for wedding getaways and styled shoots.

A few months ago we started feeling in our hearts that it was time to bless this ol’ beauty and send her onward to her next adventure. And in the funny way only god works, wimberley native and previous owner Erik William, expressed interest in buying her back. Guam is now living her new life on the campaign trail as wollam for wimberley runS for city council to protect the Blanco River. The universe knows exactly what its doing. ✨

Photos by Steve Visneau for STAG Provisions

Photo by Magen Buse